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    What’s Real About Recent Headlines?

    As you may have seen or heard, there is a proposed settlement by the National Association of Realtors. There have been plenty of headlines in the media causing confusion. Preliminary approval of...

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    Women’s History Month Real Estate Edition

    Women play an important role in real estate both for women as property owners and in the real estate field. First, let’s look at some numbers.



    Do not despair. I have seen the rise of single women buying, and the tra...

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    Single Women are winning Real Estate

    'Gen Zers and millennials made up the largest share of single female mortgage applicants in 2023.' Moving towards equality generation by generation. The racial inequity is still there. It's more than time to see housing equity in every part...

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    East Bay – 2023 Market Wrap Up

    The past year managed to be a not-so-great year for both buyers AND sellers. Prices in 2023 softened throughout the Bay Area (sellers did not love that), but the higher interest rates kept housing out of reach for many buyers. Already in Januar...

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    Market Update 2023 – 3rd Quarter

    House sales volume in the East Bay fell from Q3 (July-September) to Q3 (October-December), according to the California Association of Realtors. But our Market Update shows that the number of new listings for sale jumped in September and the tot...

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    Tuscan Villa anyone?

    The real estate hat I wear is hard to take off. Imagine me traveling in Italy with another real estate agent and you can see that in addition to the usual tourist stops we also lingered at real estate offices perusing properties for sale. On th...

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    The Best House in the Whole World

    East Bay Real Estate & The Best House in the Whole World

    For the last eight years, I have lived in what is (to me) the best house in the whole wide world. I love my Alameda home with its tall ceilings, big backyard, and windowy bedroom, ...

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